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Hear more about Pedro Stark and Mia Española, founders of CW1 and Gotely

Hear more about Pedro Stark and Mia Española, founders of CW1 and Gotely

"… When you start being an entrepreneur without any MBA or economic background you find yourself lost without knowing what to do. You read on the internet what the marketers teach like validations and marketing strategies, but never the advanced stuff. Then, if you succeed with your idea, you start growing, and most of the companies need specialists like EY, McKinsey or Accenture to grow and structure the organisation. We used to be some of those consultants until we started CW1.… - Pedro Stark & Mia Española

It's no secret that Pedro and Mia had it all – plush jobs at fancy big-4 consulting firms, hefty paychecks, you name it. But, they wished for something more, something real. You know that itch you get when you realize you're meant for bigger things? That's exactly what they felt and decided to leave everything behind.

They were crazy about helping the little guys – the small business owners and daring entrepreneurs who didn't have the moolah to afford high-end consulting. They raised 3 firms from 25000 Euros up to 8.8Million Euros and yet they wanted more. So, they decided to give up their 5 digits cushy jobs. Yeah, it was a bit of a gamble, but they were ready to take their chances.

Their dream? To innovate how CW1 delivers value and grows to the point of being able to help smaller businesses in a big way. A firm that's personal, friendly, and more accessible to those who don't have the big bucks. They knew they had their work cut out for them, but they were pumped and ready to roll and moreover to deliver it in a digital form.

Today they released Gotely! They've managed to level the playing field for smaller businesses, giving them a shot at the big league. More importantly, they've proved that it's not about the size of the company but the size of the dream that truly matters. Gotely is CW1 revolutionised and open to the world of who wishes to get advice in succeeding.

So, here's to Pedro and Mia, two consultants who dared to dream big. Their journey is a reminder that when passion meets purpose, incredible things can happen. And guess what? Quoting Pedro: "We are just getting started!" Hope you enjoy Gotely and what it has too offer.

Pedro & Mia

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